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of marcus johnson killed last week in a freak race car accident in which his cousin accidentally killed him. he was filled with things he loved, his racing gear, he won't championships himself and he was a stand out athlete, but always friendly, willing to help others and quick with a hug. >> middle school, you are in high school and it is okay and wave goodbye. don't worry about showing your affection to your parents, you just never know when it will be your last, i hope you think about that. >> marcus was very close to his cousin chase who was also an accomplished racer who said the steering wheel went out of function and lost control. he lost his life in the pitt also but there was no mention how marcus died. just a few hours of that he died and his generous spirit of how he lived. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> developing news in the south bay, just a half hour ago an evacuation was lifted as they capped a natural gas leak. the leak was reported near south park victoria drive. the gas was turned off just before 4:00 and residents were let back in their
and probably 90 miles an hour and flew in the air and marcus left my side to go to the bathroom and was walking back from the restroom and the car flew in the air and hit him. >> reporter: marcus and a 68-year-old died from injuries. chase wasn't hurt. marcus had been racing since he was five and as these trophies she he excelled at the sport. the teen was looking forward to playing high school basketball next year. >> the sweetest young man, coaches, friends will tell you the first one to help somebody or give somebody a hand. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is investigating the cause of the accident but rob johnson said his steering wheel popped off and that's why he lost control. >> every time he got in the car in every race he would check and check and check and i don't know how it could come off because he always double checked. i don't know how it could come off. >> reporter: chase johnson has his own racing website. chase learned to race here at the speed way as a kid and raise way officials decline today comment but said ch
stroller. 17-year-old marcus elkins and a 14-year-old boy who's name has not been released because of his age has been charged with first degree murder. elkins aunt claims he is innocent but police say they are not looking for any other suspects. >>> a fatal shooting in san leandro claimed the life of a man who was trying to defend his mother-in-law during a robbery. it all began when two thieves approached the woman on friday night. officers say when the woman's son-in-law came out of the house to help, one of the thieves shot and killed him in the driveway. the victim was 33 years old. he lived in alameda. police say the two suspects drove off in a dark sedan. >>> new gun control ads from a group of mayors are now airing in some key states. >> i've owned a gun all my life and i'll fight for my life to keep it. background checks have nothing to do with taking guns away from anyone. >> this ad is part of a campaign from new york city mayor michael bloomberg in a group called mayors against illegal guns. it supports comprehensive background che
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3